Health Benefits of Tana Falls Jamaican Ginger Beer

product_product-large_tana-falls-jamaican-ginger-beer-320.jpgSaturday, January 24 at 12 noon ~ Free Tasting

Come to taste and experience Tana Falls Jamaican Ginger Beer, which contains one of Nature’s miracle roots – Ginger!!!

Did you know that ginger:
Controls inflammation, eases nausea and morning sickness.
Wards off the flu.
Improves brain function.
Selectively kills ovarian, breast and prostate cancer cells.
Slows the growth of colon cancer cells.
May effectively treat asthma.
Lowers blood pressure.

Tana Falls is sweetened with turbinado (raw) sugar which has more nutrients than white (refined) or beet sugar.

Tana Falls uses filtered fluoride-free water.

Most of all, Tana Falls Jamaican Ginger Beer tastes great! Brewed in the tradition of our Caribbean grandmothers, whose knowledge of herbs and bushes were a product of many generations of collective wisdom, and who knew about ginger’s healing properties all along.